Olivers Everts – neatkarīgs publicists

Olivers Everts -neatkarīgs publicists

Latvians fall for Kremlin’s propaganda


Tvnet – Latvia | Thursday, March 13, 2014

One in three inhabitants of Latvia agrees with Russia’s occupation of Crimea, according to a survey by the polling institute GfK. The Internet portal Tvnet can understand the Latvians’ dismay at these statistics, but has an explanation on hand: “The figures are alarming. Does this mean that around a third of the population would have nothing against Russia occupying the Baltic states using the same arguments, because we also have many Russian-speaking inhabitants? Such an idea wouldn’t occur to anyone who uses the Latvian or Western TV channels to keep up to date with events in Ukraine. Members of the public only get this impression if they follow the news on theKremlin’s propaganda channels.”

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Autors: Olivers Everts

Neatkarīgs publicists. Independent opinion journalist.


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